The Curtains Drop At The Place Where It All Began-Chittagong


Fatema Junaed

Fatema Junaed

Abrar Hasin

Abrar Hasin

Fatema Junaed

Fatema Junaed

Abrar Hasin

Abrar Hasin

The Chittagong Press Club brimmed full of life and excitement as DP Tutorials returned to its hometown for the final showdown. 

Chattogram is the place where our founder and CEO, Dipro Prattoy was born and brought up, and so, its where the roots of DP Tutorials lie. 

The session had everything, from Dipro Prattoy’s speech to our student speakers and interestingly, even Hrittik Roshan’s dance moves!

All Our Gems Spoke Together! 
Dipro Prattoy, our CEO and founder began with the first words for the session, breaking many misconceptions about universities and the application process. 

Then the mic went to our students who achieved success in their abroad applications this year, as they went on to share their journeys with our lively audience. 

Farhan Mahabub, our architecture major who’s going to Drexel this year, talked about his passion for architecture and the process of applying to an architecture school. 

Tasmim Kabir Mahim, incoming freshman at UT Arlington majoring in Computer Science, talked about his journey as a YES student and also about his foreign applications. 

Sababa Ahmed, our girl who bagged a near full ride to Connecticut College, went into a story mode with the audience, sharing her struggles, and her tales of rejection and success. 

Having applied to 4 countries abroad, Fatema Junaed, who will be going to Malaysia this year for her undergrads, talked about her diverse experience during applications and about her American curriculum as well. 

Farhan, Mahim, Sababa and Fatema – each of them served as an inspiration to the audience in their own ways. 

Prizes, Questions And Fun! 
Mujtanibah Tahseen Mariha from Chittagong Grammar School was awarded her crest of the ‘Best Campus Envoy’ for her extraordinary performance in our Common App Essay Competition. 

Then the QNA session began. 

We got a diverse range of questions from the audience, including doing Masters in Social Work and many others. 

Finally, it was time for some fun! Seems like the people of Bangladesh have some sort of fondness for Ananta Jalil, be it in Dhaka or Chattogram, our crowd enjoyed his moves in both places. In Chattogram, the atmosphere was filled with joy as someone sang a beautiful song, adding to the festive spirit. We had a great time playing rock-paper-scissors and trying to guess the famous personalities Shakib Al Hasan and Hrithik Roshan. Everyone was in high spirits and had a blast!

The End To The Tour And The Final Gratitude 
The tour and the session was in a word, ‘জমজমাট!’ 

Dhaka, Sylhet, Comilla And Finally Chattogram, 

This trip was something all of us will cherish for a long time no matter where we go. 

And for making this tour worth it, firstly and foremostly, 

We thank all of our participants from all over the 4 sessions in Dhaka, Sylhet, Cumilla and Chattogram. 

And finally, we once again appreciate our sponsors, title sponsor ‘Passive Journal’, our gold sponsor ‘Edvive’ and our visionary sponsor ‘Jomee Jomaa’ for being with us from the beginning till the end. 

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