Meet the team

Having started just as an individual providing informal help to his friends, DP Tutorials has grown huge today. From providing online zoom classes on SAT and College Application to now becoming the only ed-Tech startup of South Asia catered to transitioning a student from High School to College in the USA, Canada, and beyond. We provide courses and training for your application, visa processing, and even skills that you can use in your college once you settle in!

Sadikshya Shrestha – CMO
Dipro Prattoy – Founder and CEO

How It All Started

Back in 2020 April, when Dipro had finally committed to University of Michigan after 30+ acceptances, Covid disrupted his Freshman year departure. However, through several online contests and Model UNs, he was able to meet Sadikshya who ended up introducing the concept of helping aspiring high school students through the knowledge Dipro has.

Sadikshya, being the first student of DP Tutorials, with no prior knowledge about abroad study, received acceptances from all her desired colleges. Soon, she joined the team, and since then DP Tutorials has been helping hundreds of high school students all around the world get into their desired colleges. What initiated as a freelancing work turned into a SME which is now in route to become the largest Ed-Tech startup focused on Study Abroad. 

Meet Our Team

DP Tutorials is proud to be a team of aspiring youths who have the hunger to create a change. We all have seen the college application process heads on and wish to help our fellow juniors reach various heights through their accomplishment

Sababa Ahmed

Senior Marketing and Finance Manager

Waleey Kareem

Mentor, Content and Teach

Farhan Mahabub

Web Developer

Shahid Siam

Lead Video Editor

Rafiah Chowdhury

Senior Marketing Manager

Ahmed Jawad

Senior Graphics Designer

Omar Kabir

Operation Officer

Arita Haque

Senior Content Writer

Nowshin Anber

Mentor and Content Creator

Raj P Singha

Senior Marketing Manager

Why Wait When DPT Has The Key To Your Gate!

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The New Faces

DP Tutorials welcomes its new generation of members on board. These guys are young, bold and hungry for creating the change our society needs. They have recently joined as our interns and wish to become full timers in no time. We look forward to working with these bright minds.

Ahanaf Ahmmed Taif

Sales Officer

Abrar Hasin

Content Writer

Israfil Shaheen Arannya

Graphics Designing Officer

Fatema Junaed

Content Writer

Apurva Sahil

Graphics Designing Intern

Tasmim Kabir Mahim

Operation Intern

Rafiat Amir

Video Editing Intern (Tiktok, reels, shots)

Tasnuva Arin

Data Entry Officer Intern

Mushroor Muttakin Khan

Social Media Coordinator

Amirul Islam

Mentor and Info Researcher

Azneef Ahammed Chowdhury

Content Writer

Ahmed Raiyan

Graphics Designing Intern

Mohtasim Monowar

Graphics Designing Intern