Breaking The Myths

In this post we break all your misconceptions related to abroad applications. Let’s get right into the points.

  1. For Admissions to USA, you DO NOT need to show any certificates
  2. For Admissions to USA, you DO NOT need to show your SSC/HSC Certificates UNLESS specific colleges ask for it.
  3. HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT from Grade 9 to 12 is the MOST important.
  4. SAT and ACT have been optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for TOP Colleges. My suggestion: Take the exam, and if the score comes bad, just don’t submit it.
  5. “English a bhalo na hole top college tika jay?” NO. Absolutely Not! Good english is needed for the following reason: a) To write stellar college essays b) To go well in SAT English c) To perform well in IELTS/TOEFL d) To engage better with your fellow professors and peers e) To understand what’s happening in your class
  6. You do not need to be a FOUNDER/PRESIDENT/CEO to get into top colleges. Yes, these positions are valuable and demonstrate leadership. BUT it’s better to be a Campus Ambassador of a highly reputed institution rather than being a Founder of a non-functioning valueless organisation. (Especially highlighting this as there are too many online organisations these days)
  7. Don’t carbon copy what your idols have done. Try to be your own idol and do what you love to do. You are doing more harm than good when you try to imitate another person’s profile. 😎 “Olympiads chara tika jay na.” As a kid, I hated olympiads, and one of my elder brothers loved Olympiads. We both received multiple acceptances from top colleges.

Moral of the story? You be yourself.

For further myths about study abroad, have a look into the video.

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