How I'm Developing My ECAs As A High School Student

They say school life resembles the time of spring. Wild daffodils twirling in the breeze, butterflies singing their tunes of joy, sunflowers sparkling in the far off ranches and the sun sparkling splendidly with the most astounding climate around. Similarly, the school students get to have the time of their lives with their friends, having fun, studying together and enjoying every bit of their teenage years. Be that as it may, when it ends, people often feel like the ground underneath their feet has swept off; adulthood thumps at the entryway of life and the following phase of life which is College begins. People often feel that the spring has ended, however there is a way of pushing this time of spring along throughout everyday life!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what you want to be right after you graduate school? Having a vivid mindset about what to do, where to go, which activities to perform is extremely necessary in order to dive right into the college application process after graduating school. In simpler words, it is a matter of utmost importance to have a goal set.

We all wonder what to do in the wake of completing highschool, what is the first step that is to be taken? Well the answer to that, is for a highschool graduate to seek a good college. Now, we all have our own dream colleges where we have been wanting to go ever since we began dreaming about becoming an astronaut who would sail in the outer space, or a doctor who would treat the the ones suffering , an architect who would build ravishing architectures, or a writer who would bring words into life through charismatic writing skills. College is a place which shapes us into becoming all of these things. In college we have an opportunity to seek after our enthusiasm to its very pinnacle. We get to find out about the subject we love and dig further into it and procure thorough knowledge.

In order to make our dreams come true and get into our own desired colleges, we have to start preparing from grade 9. Since the 4 years of highschool have an exceptionally large influence on our college application process. It is incredibly critical during those times to keep a fine harmony among academics and extracurriculars in light of the fact that the colleges need to perceive how well you managed to pull off both things side by side because it is quite a challenge. Especially, when you have such an enormous amount of academic pressure and having that how well can you perform things outside the box, besides academics, they wish to see that.

Being a future college applicant, I myself have started taking preparation from grade 9. Talking about myself, Writing has always been my sole passion for as long as I can remember. When I was first in the 2nd grade, I figured this out. I participated in this Creative Writing Competition organised by the British Council and the topic which I chose to write about was “My Hobbies” . Well, I was a 2nd grader, do keep that in mind. What happened? I won that competition to my very own surprise. But that was the moment when I discovered what my passion was and what I was good at. I could bring my emotions out and describe them. That helped me build my confidence. From then onwards I started participating in more and more writing contests one of which was the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay writing competition and I won a silver medal in that. I chose my passion to be my extra curricular activity. To add to that, I started working for numerous Organisations as a content writer. Therefore, by this you can understand I encircled my passion into an extracurricular activity and since I enjoyed it, it didn’t feel like strain or pressure anymore.

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