How Model UNs Have Helped Me In My Early Career

Not only stellar grades and perfect SAT, IELTS score can get you to your dream destination in MIT, Harvard and Princeton. Today, considerable and active participation in extracurricular activities serve as a key on our path to success. While many may indulge and affiliate in sports, music and arts, some spark interest in redefining diplomacy and practicing leadership and negotiations through Model United Nations as a part of their extracurricular activities. 

Popularly and precisely known as MUN – it is considered to be the finest ECA practiced and recognized by universities and colleges around the world. The event, which began as a simulation of the real UN around a decade ago, has now extended to more than 100 nations and a million hearts. And today, experience gathered from MUNs has become equally important as your academic achievements. But what is it that distinguishes MUNs from your typical ECA? 

To begin with, MUNs are not simply confined to one talent. It primarily teaches you how to be an effective orator, an influential leader and a master strategist alongside handing you over a plethora of numerous skills that the universities desire.

A few skills learn from MUNs that can help you get into universities have been listed underneath


MUN is all about leadership. Leading your bloc, chairing a committee as well as organizing an entire MUN conference build leadership skills and shape you to be a potential leader who can withstand any situation of crisis. Admissions Office of Universities keenly search for leadership qualities and your MUN experience can be a major highlight to your profile.


You meet a wide range of people during MUNs, someone who is already studying in your dream college or someone who has  already gone through the college application process. Whether it is your chair or your fellow delegate, you may receive viable assistance from the people you meet through MUNs.

Analytical thinking, precise writing and nail biting negotiation

By participating in MUNs, you learn to see global matters in an analytical way which enhances your analytical thinking capabilities. Moreover, the noteworthy skill of writing precise and concise documents in a formal format is strengthened through writing Position Paper, Draft resolution and other required documents for MUNs. Apart from that, the art of negotiation is the primary foundation of MUNs – which is a highly significant and valued skill in your college application profile.

In addition to the aforementioned areas, you can also reflect your experience gathered from MUNs in your essays and interview required for university applications. Your dream institutions look more keenly at the skills and the qualities you have acquired rather than the number of ECAs you have been a part of. And MUNs can hand you over with all the necessary skills you need to make your application stand out.

So begin your MUN journey right away. A journey that is forged with obstacles, triumph and suffering but when these lead you to your dream college, every second spent and invested will be all worth it. 

Obstacles, triumph, suffering, and friends are all mixed together. However, when these three-day activities bring you to your ideal institution, you will revert to your childlike state, the state where you make new friends.

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