Is College Even Worth It?

In today’s world, students start to view college as an optional experience. Reasons to skip college isn’t always about their finances, sometimes students just don’t realize the importance of it. They tend to refer to dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Oprah. Thus the question arises, is college even worth it?

College education is important because it helps you earn more money and provides stability in your career.  It also allows you to build a strong self-identity, form good habits, make new friends, and to be a better citizen.

Make More Money

Students, who don’t want to attend college, usually refer to people like Zuckerberg while defending their stance. But, they forget that they are making very important decisions based on a small group of extremely successful college dropouts. Most college dropouts make an average of 48.4% less income than bachelor’s degree holders. So dropping big names as an excuse to avoid college only hurts the excuse makers. College may be expensive, but aid and scholarships help students get the education. Their investments do pay off in the future.

Decreases Chances of Unemployment and Provides More Flexibility

Whether you like it or not, jobs still value college degrees. According to BLS data, 5.5% of bachelor’s degree holders don’t have jobs, whereas 9% of the workers who only have a high school diploma are unemployed. College education also provides a variety of options on job selections. College degrees help you get job and internship offers in different fields which enables you to explore your career.

Self-Identity, New Experiences, and New Friends

There is a lot more to college life than only academic work. You get to know yourself better and decide who you want to be in life. You form good habits that stay with you throughout your life. You experience many ups and downs which teach you soft skills like perseverance, team-work, and leadership. You get to organize events, join clubs, make new friends which make college life fun. All these experiences and wonderful people in your life help you build your worldview and find your purpose. College education is also beneficial for society. 40% of bachelor’s degree holders take part in the society, whereas only 17% of high school diploma holders do voluntary work. 


It is worthwhile to work hard and invest in college education, because it helps you to learn more about you, the people around you, and the world as whole. College admission procedures are easier and simpler when there are organizations like DP Tutorials to help you out by providing proper guidance, resources, and courses. Thus, we can conclude college education is very necessary and attainable.

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