The Right Way to Ask for Help

If you want to inbox any seniors for advice, this post is for you. Firstly, as none of us here get paid to answer your questions, it’s not an obligation for us to reply, but we still do to several ones because we really love helping out youths struggling with their application. But, there are certain things I myself have learned while seeking help, and I want to share some of it with you.

  • Don’t say only “Hi” or “Hellow bhai, reply me soon.” or “Can you help me with college application.” We don’t know each other, so the best way is to start off with a small intro and directly get straight to the point. For example: “Good morning bhaiya. This is Dipro, a rising Sophomore at University of Michigan. I had some queries about some in campus jobs. The website says little about it. Would mean a lot if you can give some valuable insights.”
  • Don’t ask questions without even bothering to Google for simple questions like: “Bhaiya, what is SAT” “Common App ki, uncommon application kirokom?” I get these questions too and I’m happy to keep them in spams.
  • Don’t ask private/personal questions or things related to money right on your first conversation. Start with a general question For example instead of asking directly – “What is your SAT score.” OR “How much scholarship or aid you got?” you can easily ask, “Do you think a 1500+ score is necessary for a top acceptance?” OR lets say, “Do International students get full funding easily?” and something like that. You do not want to make your mentor uncomfortable even before the first conversation.
  • Don’t share your biodata with us as an introduction. I get this very often and it gives rise to frustration. For example, “SSC 5.0 HSC 5.0 No ECA Good Transcript I do Freelancing on Fiverr Will I get into Harvard with full financial aid?” Now I do understand. Most of you are here to clear out confusions and I love the fact that you guys are dreaming big. But, this is not the right way to ask for help. And the bigger picture is, we don’t know who gets in and who doesn’t. So no point in asking us about it.
  • Last but not the least, a lesson I learnt myself, don’t sound desperate. Sound aspiring. Your first impression on us should be that you have done your research and you meed true help, rather than we thinking that you just wanted a shortcut answer to your queries.

Happy College Hunting 🧡

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